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5-35KV MV-105 – EPR/PVC
Single Conductor / Tape Shield

A single conductor cable with Annealed bare copper, class B per ASTM B-3 or aluminum conductor, triple extruded insulation system consisting of a thermosetting semiconducting conductor shield, high dielectric strength EPR insulation, thermosetting semiconducting insulation shield, helically applied, 5 mil CU tape shield w/25% overlap, and black PVC jacket, all extruded in the same operation.

MV-105 power cable is for use in main feeder, distribution and branch circuits in industrial, commercial and electric utility installations. MV-105 cables may be used in wet or dry locations in circuits not exceeding 15000 volts 133% insulation level at conductor temperatures not exceeding 105°C for normal, 130°C for emergency overload and 250°C for short-circuit conditions.

MV-105 = Medium Voltage / Maximum Temperature Rating 105°C*
EPR = Ethylene Polypropylene Rubber
PVC = Polyvinyl Chloride
KV = Kilovolt

* EPR-insulated cables are capable of operating at 105°C. However, the maximum operating temperature of the cable should be based on the maximum operating temperature of the cable accessories to be used.

* Isolated in Air (NEC Table 310-69): Single conductor cable, 105°C conductor temperature, 40°C ambient temperature, and shields grounded at one point

* In Duct (NEC Table 310-77): Three single cables in plastic duct, direct-buried, 105°C conductor temperature, 20°C ambient temperature, earth RHO of 90°C-cm/Watt, 100% load factor, and shields short-circuited

* For 105°C continuous, 140°C emergency, 250°C short-circuit operation

Specifications / Conform To:
ICEA S-93-63
ICEA S-97-682
UL 1072                                        Type MV-105 
                                                     Sunlight Resistant 
                                                     For CT USE (1/0 AWG and Larger)
IEEE 383 Flame Test                     (1/0 AWG and Larger)
IEEE 1202 Flame Test                   (250 MCM and Larger)

Click here to see all Priority Wire & Cable MV-105 products


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