Priority1 is pleased to offer all Priority Wire & Cable customers an opportunity to save money on their freight costs. 


Priority1 was formed to support the needs of a company that you are already familiar with, Priority Wire & Cable.  The exceptionally low freight cost from Priority1 is one of the reasons that Priority Wire & Cable is able to offer their cost saving Combination Program.  Building on the success of reducing Priority Wire & Cable’s freight costs, Prioirty1 then branched out to support the LTL and truckload needs of hundreds of companies in North America.  Priority1's strength is their rates/discounts, software, and customer service.


Whether truckload and LTL shipments are an every day activity for you or not; Priority1 is confident in their ability to save you money on your freight.  Due to our large volume and purchasing power Priority1 is able to offer you our discounted freight rates.


There are three time efficient ways for a Priority Wire & Cable customer to acquire the most cost effective rate.  The method used to get freight quotes is entirely up to you and I can promise that you will get the same high quality service that you have come to expect from Priority Wire & Cable:

  1. Call our toll free number at 888-569-8035
  2. E-mail one of our fantastic customer service reps at
  3. Utilize our on line software platform to get instant quotes

Some of the advantages to our on line software platform are:

Give us a call at 888-569-8035 for a quick rate quote on your next shipment and let us try to save you money!

Feel free to visit our website at