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SRML stands for Silicone Rubber Motor Lead. SRML Wire features stranded tin-plated annealed copper.

SRML wire is high temperature wire that may be used as motor lead wire for hazardous locations or lead wire for electrical equipment in high temperature environments. Some applications for SRML include wiring all types of lighting fixtures and other high wattage units, sun lamps, therapeutic devices, etc. SRML wire performs well where flexibility and fire resistance are important.

SRML Wire features extruded silicone rubber with overall, non-fraying, fiberglass braid with glossy high temperature finish.

SRML Temperature Rating: Normal 150°C and 200°C listed as motor lead wire in sizes 8 AWG - 4/0 (except 1 AWG to MCM sizes) in accordance with UL Subject 758 conforming to Canadian Standards Association as equipment wire in sizes 8 AWG - 4/0. Additional flexibility is achieved by the use of H stranding while the silicone rubber insulation offers good chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties.

SRML is governed by the following Industry Standards:
    • ASTM B33
    • ASTM B8
    • ASTM
    • B173 UL Subject 758

Click here to see all Priority Wire & Cable SRML products


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