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Product Information

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Ground Rods Overview

Thermostat Wire is used for power limited circuits such as thermostat, air conditioning and heating controls, heat pumps, bell and alarm systems, signal systems, intercom systems, door bells and remote control units where maximum voltage does not exceed 30 volts. Thermostat Wire is constructed with 2 or more solid bare copper conductors.

Options: Copper Clad, Sectional, Galvanized
Copper Clad Ground Rods: High quality steel with a consistent covering
Sectional Ground Rods: include threads to meet specific applications
Galvanized Ground Rods: High quality steel with a consistent covering of zinc

Application: To be driven into the earth to provide ground for substations, towers, homes, buildings and all other structures containing electrical products

Ground Rods vary in sizes. They can range in nominal diameter from 1/2" to 1". Lengths are available in 6' to 10'

Copper Clad Ground Rods: UL 467-1984 for ground rods of one-half inch to one inch in diameter, eight to ten feet in length.
Galvanized Ground Rods: ANSI/ASTM A153-82 10 Mil Rods 8' and longer are UL approved