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Product Information

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TGGT Cable Overview

TGGT stands for Teflon / Glass / Glass / Teflon.

TGGT is flexible stranded nickel-coated copper conductor with PTFE tapes, covered by wrapped fiberglass yarns. A fiberglass braid jacket is applied over insulation and is treated with high-temp saturant. TGGT is rated 600 volt and a temperature rating of 250° C.

TGGT Cable may be used for internal wiring of commercial, industrial and household ovens, cooking and drying equipment. TGGT Cable is suited for severe hot spot locations in industrial processing. TGGT may be used in both damp and dry applications.

TGGT offers:

• All components 250°C rated in continuous service
• Critical high temperature performance
• Designed for flexing applications
• Superior Resistance to High Temperature, Abrasion, Chemicals and Moisture
• Maximum continuous conductor temperature: 250°C DRY, 250°C WET

TGGT meets the following Industry Standards:

• ASTM B355
• ASTM B174
• ASTM B173
• UL 5256