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Product Information

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XLP/USE Wire Overview

RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 can be installed as a General Purpose Building Wire, used in service entrance, feeders and branch circuit applications for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation environments for permanent installations utilizing 600 volts or less. Thanks to its excellent performance in overload or short circuit situations, and its heavy wall thickness, this product is ideal for underground service entrance (USE) in wet locations. RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 conductors are suitable for use in direct burial applications. RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 conductors can be used in environments where superior insulation toughness and chemical resistance is required. RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 has a high resistance to humidity making this cable suitable for wet locations, for outdoors and for weather resistant use.

Type RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 is a single insulated conductor of either soft annealed copper or compact stranded AA-8000 series aluminum alloy, insulated with black thermoset cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE); designed to operate not over 600 volts, nominal, and at a maximum operating temperature of 90°C dry or wet.

RHH/RHW-2/USE-2 conductors can be installed in electrical metallic tubing, PVC conduits and other raceways, in free air with messenger support or directly buried. It is recommended that the installation instructions indicated by the Local Electric Code, or any equivalent, be followed, so that the safeguarding of persons and the integrity of the product will not be affected by deficiencies in the installation.

Specification Standards:

• UL 44
• UL 854
• ASTM-B800
• ASTM-B801
• U.S. Federal Specification J-C 30B
• NEMA WC70/ICEA S-66-524